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Move fast and stay aligned as a marketing team with TrueNorth, the first marketing management platform built for remote teams. TrueNorth centralizes where you’re aiming (simulation), how you’ll get there (experiments), what you plan to do (timeline) and your results in place, not all over the place. En savoir plus sur TrueNorth
Email marketing and messaging software that connects directly to databases like PostgreSQL, Redshift, Airtable, Google Sheets + more. Once connected, users can query their user data *in place* (no syncing!) and message their customers with their query results. En savoir plus sur Vero Newsletters
Créez des campagnes d'emailing et des newsletters, plus facilement, plus rapidement et automatisées. En savoir plus sur AcyMailing
Aroscop provides brands like you the brand advertising technology platform to identify, understand, and target your consumers in the most cost-effective way. En savoir plus sur Aroscop
FORTVISION is a one-stop-shop marketing automation and website personalization software designed to improve all your sales and marketing conversions using internal & external data sources, including external CRM software. En savoir plus sur FORTVISION
Nexfar is a B2B sales, operations, marketing, and business performance management platform aimed at pharmaceutical distributors and pharmacies. The tool can be accessed on a computer or via a mobile application for Android and iOS systems. En savoir plus sur Nexfar
Steer Health is an all-in-one medical practice management platform to deliver a personalized and automated digital patient communication. En savoir plus sur Steer Health
Si vous êtes un leader de marque qui apprécie un ROAS (Return On Ad Spent) élevé et des taux de conversion élevés et que vous en avez assez des argumentaires de vente, cette plateforme est faite pour vous. Avec Mayple, vous travaillez uniquement avec des spécialistes du marketing de croissance approuvés, qui ont déjà relevé les défis que vous avez... En savoir plus sur Mayple Platform
Set up, edit and manage automated email campaigns and start addressing the desired target group. En savoir plus sur JUNE - Email Marketing
Cloud based app designed for Door 2 Door / Field based canvassing. Digital knock sheets, location, commissions, KPI reporting & more En savoir plus sur Open Door by Digital Wave Solutions
Adobe Journey Optimizer helps businesses discover the next best interaction with speed, scale, and flexibility through the entire customer journey. En savoir plus sur Adobe Journey Optimizer
Doppler is an email marketing platform designed to help businesses engage with customers using customizable forms, pre-defined templates, personalized communications, and SMS campaigns. Some features include an HTML editor, A/B testing capabilities, real-time reports, a centralized dashboard, and permission management. En savoir plus sur Doppler
Colateral empowers retailers and brands to deliver targeted localized in-store marketing on a global scale. We enable you to automate campaign planning and execution, customize messages to each store based on insights, and ensure your marketing is 100% right every time. En savoir plus sur Colateral
Markey.ai is a digital marketing automation tool that simplifies online marketing efforts for small and medium businesses. En savoir plus sur Markey

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