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Découvrez Salesforce Marketing Cloud, la solution marketing leader pour accroître l'engagement avec chaque consommateur. En savoir plus sur Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Redis Enterprise is a cloud-based and on-premise database management software that helps businesses in finance, retail, and healthcare industries handle operations related to automatic failover management, data processing, caching, data persistence, and more on a centralized platform. En savoir plus sur Redis Enterprise
Veeam Backup & Replication est un logiciel de business continuity et de gestion des sauvegardes qui aide les entreprises à gérer la récupération de données, à orchestrer des stratégies de reprise après sinistre, à gérer les processus de stockage, etc., sur une plateforme centralisée. Il permet aux membres du personnel de réutiliser les données de... En savoir plus sur Veeam Backup & Replication
Lotame is a data management platform that helps marketers, publishers, and agencies collect customers’ data to optimize audience segments and campaign targeting processes. The solution allows managers to analyze users’ behavior using machine learning algorithms to reach performance goals. En savoir plus sur Lotame
Keepit est une entreprise de logiciels spécialisée dans la sauvegarde et la récupération des données cloud-to-cloud. En savoir plus sur Keepit
SAS Data Management is designed to help organizations access, edit, and visualize business data across various cloud platforms and legacy systems. It allows businesses to execute extract, transform, load (ETL) and extract, load, transform (ELT) workflows and configure metadata functions. En savoir plus sur SAS Data Management
Dataddo est un logiciel d'intégration de données basé sur le cloud qui aide les entreprises à s'intégrer à divers services de données en ligne tels que Salesforce, Xero, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Facebook et Instagram. Les organisations peuvent transformer et transférer des données vers un large éventail de bases de données, de systèmes de... En savoir plus sur Dataddo
The Trade Desk is a data management platform that helps advertisers handle operations related to audience mapping, cross-device targeting, video advertising, and more on a centralized platform. It allows team members to conduct lookalike modeling, data element reporting, and audience segmentation. En savoir plus sur theTradeDesk
CloverDX est une suite purement logicielle d'intégration de données qui permet un développement rapide et offre des fonctionnalités d'entreprise enrichies dans un format compact. En savoir plus sur CloverDX
MediaMath is a digital advertising platform designed to help marketing teams handle advertising data, audience segmentation, and programmatic marketing. It allows businesses to create, launch, and manage marketing campaigns and identify prospects across various online platforms and device types. En savoir plus sur MediaMath
K2View Data Fabric est une nouvelle approche de la gestion des données qui ingère, transforme, enrichit, orchestre et sécurise les données dans des micro-DB. En savoir plus sur K2View
Cloudera is an enterprise data cloud platform designed to help businesses in financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, technology, insurance, healthcare, public sector, education, energy, and utilities use self-service analytics across multi-cloud and hybrid environments. En savoir plus sur Cloudera Enterprise
Oracle BlueKai is a cloud-based big data platform which enables marketing organizations to personalize online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns with richer and more actionable information about targeted audiences. En savoir plus sur Oracle Data Management Platform
Zaloni software is a DataOps platform for managing and governing data. Cataloging functions include automated data discovery, classification, and collaboration. Data quality and lineage tracking facilitate governance. Data analytics involve preparation, provisioning, and customized asset classes. En savoir plus sur Zaloni Arena DataOps Platform
Permutive DMP is a data management software that helps publishers collect contextual data from multiple sources across the website such as product listings, sign-up funnels, search filters, and more to analyze user’s behavior. Businesses can track total page views to gain first-party insights. En savoir plus sur Permutive
OnAudience DMP is a data management platform that helps businesses of all sizes collect users’ behavior data from various sources including mobile applications and websites to optimize digital campaigns. The software allows managers to create custom segments and reach targeted audiences. En savoir plus sur OnAudience DMP
Mapp Cloud is a digital marketing platform that harnesses the power of your data, providing a 360° customer view coupled with actionable insights and campaign orchestration tools to effectively reach each individual customer. En savoir plus sur Mapp Cloud
A Tail é a Customer Data Platform (CDP) mais completa do Brasil! Com a Tail, você centraliza e gerencia os dados dos seus consumidores em uma única solução, garantindo conformidade com a LGPD. Agende uma demonstração e conheça o potencial da TAIL CDP. En savoir plus sur Tail
Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP) is designed to help businesses manage customer data across multiple channels to enhance customer experience and marketing performance. It lets organizations automatically categorize audiences into various segments based on demographics, geography, and behavior. En savoir plus sur Nielsen DMP
Amobee is a cloud-based advertising and data management platform (DMP) designed to help businesses unify data across TV, social and digital channels to orchestrate campaigns and improve brand experience among customers. En savoir plus sur Amobee
Admixer.DMP is designed to help organizations capture and store customer and campaign data such as cookie IDs, mobile identifiers, and more in a centralized repository. It enables advertisers to build customer segments and track their performance based on demographic data and past browsing behavior. En savoir plus sur Admixer.DMP
IOTICSpace transforms data interactions, through a dynamic data mesh for everything and everyone, in real-time, at scale. In IOTICSpace digital twins virtualize data sources and consumers. In a decentralised data mesh digital twins use semantic web technologies to interact across boundaries. En savoir plus sur IOTICSpace
Cohelion is an all-in-one data solution with an integrated set of features for data integration, data loading and master data management. En savoir plus sur Cohelion Data Platform
amberSearch is an intelligent enterprise search engine combining the knowledge of all data sources within your company En savoir plus sur amberSearch
Cluep AI mobile ad platform targets people based on what they share and feel, the content they post and where they go in the physical world. With patented text analysis, image and video recognition engines and location intelligence Cluep offers unique digital solutions to the advertising landscape. En savoir plus sur Cluep
Data management and marketing intelligence tools For leading brands and agencies. Unstructured data is bad data and puts marketing investment decisions at risk. Run anatics to extract, transform, load your data; run marketing programs with confidence. En savoir plus sur Anatics

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